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    Puppy Not Interested in ANY Food

    Hey, all,

    My puppy boy (~7 months old Husky/Malamute/GSD mix) has decided that he doesn't care for food. Meaning any food. He stopped touching his raw. Okay, so after a hunger strike, we tried kibble. Nope. Not interested in chicken. Not interested in even the smelliest of foods/treats.

    Nothing else is wrong. No lethargy. No vomiting. No diarrhea. He's drinking and playing with all the same energy--just VERY reluctantly eating 1/3rd of what he was just 2 weeks or so ago.

    He is currently intact. We do not free feed and never have. He's always eaten enthusiastically before. We've tried feeding out of different bowls, on the floor, on his snuffle mat. Nothing encourages him.

    A friend of mine mentioned that it can be normal for intact male adolescents to lose interest in food. Is this common? Should I be worried?

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    Re: Puppy Not Interested in ANY Food

    There are a few questions needed to fully understand your situation here luffypets.

    How long has he not been interested in food for? How much food are you providing him? What raw feed have you been giving him?

    I wouldn't be too worried if it's only been a single meal or two, but if this is becoming multiple day-long events of not eating than a trip to your veterinarian is certainly warranted. There could be many things altering his behaviour enough which wouldn't should some of the symptoms you've listed.
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    Re: Puppy Not Interested in ANY Food

    Hi luffypets.
    My 7 months' Husky had the same issue. As long as your dog is playful and act the same as before, you should not worry. Just stick to the routine, there is no need to change bowls, place or food, they will eat when they're hungry -)

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    Re: Puppy Not Interested in ANY Food

    Tried burger or more appealing food combination but better check with a vet a dog disease have some starting symptoms as such

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    Re: Puppy Not Interested in ANY Food

    it is really really hard for you. i hope he found the favorite food. I love dog and cat and i sad when hear it.
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    Re: Puppy Not Interested in ANY Food

    Have you tried using natural dog treats for your pet? They might like the different taste and smell of it.
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    Re: Puppy Not Interested in ANY Food

    it is distressing when a pet does not eat anything. It is essential to know the proper reason behind such reasons for losing appetite in dogs. When your dog does not eat anything properly, then it is known as anorexia. It is precisely different from the term referred to as anorexia nervosa, which is an eating disorder in human beings, whereas anorexia is a loss of appetite in dogs. Appetite loss of a dog can give a sign of some illness in your pet. Thus it is essential to seek care if you find some changes in the eating habits of your dog. Please respond to every nod your dog makes for food.

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    Re: Puppy Not Interested in ANY Food

    Welcome to the forum, Rottie lover! I see that you have already made four posts. Please go to the introductions section of the forum to say hello to members and tell them a little about yourself and any companion animals you have.

    Your posts contain quite a lot of links to your own website, but as they are non-commercial and informative, I have let them stay. (This is normally a privilege reserved for for well established members).



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