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Thread: Arthritis help

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    Unhappy Arthritis help

    My pets now over 11 years old and she's got arthritis. As I live in upstairs home it's difficult for her to go up and down the stairs. For now she can make it but over time it will get harder. Any tips for helping her go up and down? When we try to carry her it seems to hurt her more so we avoid that, unless it's an emergency. Maybe some sort of brace?
    If anyone has had to deal with a similar situation please let me know.

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    Re: Arthritis help

    Welcome to the forum Pepitopet!

    I haven't had any experience personally creating different contraptions to helping arthritic dogs walk upstairs, so I can't be much assistance there. Sorry. However, I do know that there are some supplements available which can help dogs with joint pain. I won't recommend any here, but I'd say go talk to your veterinarian if you were thinking of getting some. They likely know the best ones which are available in your area. They may also know of some other medications which can help relieve discomfort in her joints? Best of luck with everything. We would love to get an update if you discover any braces or ways of helping her out!
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    Re: Arthritis help

    Hi Wrax, thanks for the response. I was given a few suggestions for some supplements used by a few people so will check those again with my vet. Till then to make it easier for her we're looking to move into ground floor room so there won't be any more stairs :)

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    Re: Arthritis help

    That sounds like a good solution for now. If you hadn't found that solution, I was going to suggest a large basket to put your dog in and then carry upstairs (assuming your dog isn't too heavy to carry).

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    Re: Arthritis help

    She's a German shepherd so a little too heavy to carry in a basket :) wish I could have :)

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    Re: Arthritis help

    Sad to hear about your pet. I haven’t had a personal experience with this situation so my suggestion will be to consult a vet if you haven’t yet. Get their opinion as well. You can ask them for some supplements that might help your pet.



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