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    We are starting a new website for daring stories of pets

    Hey Guys,

    Hope you are doing great!

    We are pet lovers. Just wanted to share with guys that we are going to start our new website The Daring Pets which would be about the daring stories of pets, their behaviour and how did you train them.

    You can share any video, story, photos of your pets, we will share their brave stories with the world.

    Let us know!


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    Re: We are starting a new website for daring stories of pets

    Your website sounds like it could be interesting to members. I am glad that you did not put in an html link, as people doing that on a first post on a forum usually get "zapped" and reported as spammers.

    If your site is strictly non-commercial (no items for sale, no links to commercial sites, etc.), then exceptionally I give you permission to put in one link *once* on this forum. Members might well enjoy the content. If that is not the case (i.e. your site is commercial or has commercial links), then please refrain from putting in a hyperlink. Any members interested can always contact you via private message on this forum.

    Every best wish for the success of your website!

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    Re: We are starting a new website for daring stories of pets

    Hey LPC,

    thanks for your reply.

    I have started this website to make people's stories live with their pets. It has nothing to do with commercials. Soon we will make it live to the world.

    Thanks for your best wishes.



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