Hey! I'm new to this forum, and I'm not quite sure how to navigate it yet, but bare with me! I think I'll really like it here :)

Here' s a little bit about me...

My name is Noah, and I'm from America! My hobbies are writing, drawing, and horseback riding! I spend a lot my time caring for my animals and giving them attention!

Here's a little bit about my 5 animals...

I have a female Cockatiel named Francois. She is super funny and we have a tight bond, even though she doesn't like being touched. She'd much rather sit on my window or on my desk than sit on my shoulder or in my lap-- She won't even step onto my finger. She had a bad past, which is why she's so scared of human contact, but she's still a sweetheart! Plus she's super smart! One of her favorite things to do is train with me or play with puzzles!

I have an Archangel pigeon named Stanton. I'm not sure what gender he is for sure, so I'm just using male pronouns. I actually just got him yesterday! He's pretty young, though I'm not sure of his exact age. He is absolutely beautiful! I'll share pictures of him (as well as my other animals) in the future!

I have female Flemish giant rabbit named New Zealand. She's giant, bigger than my cats! I thought for a long time that she was a New Zealand and Flemish Giant mix, because she's slightly smaller than a lot of Flemish giants and she has odd coloration for a Flemish, but my vet told me shes a Flemish! She's not very playful, but she loves to sleep on my bed and cuddle in my lap! She's basically just a dog. She also licks me like a dog, she's such a freak lol. I've had her since March, and we have a very tight bond!

I have a male mini rex rabbit named New England (notice the name theme with New Zealand and New England-- I know it's weird, ahaha). He's much more playful than New Zealand, and zooms around my room all the time. He's not as cuddly as New Zealand, but he's still a sweetheart! I got him 2 months ago at a reptile expo, he was being sold as a feeder rabbit. New Zealand and New England get along amazingly!

I have a male corn snake named Salem. He's only a month old, and he loves to bite me, ahaha. Not much to say about him, as he's just an angry little noodle, plus I only got him a month ago.

I've recently realized that I don't have many friends who have animals, and I would really love to get to know more people who like animals!
So, if you would like to chat, just private message me, or leave a comment on this post and I'll message you! :)
Thanks for reading!