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    cats have issues, can't afford vet

    Hi, I’m new to the cat forum. I have two cats and they seem to always have something going on with them and I just can’t afford the vet visits. The latest, one car has litter stuck in her nose for two weeks now and I can’t seem to get it out. Also one of the cats turns the pretty litter dark green blue. They said high alkaline level. Once again I lost my job a week ago and absolutely can’t Afford a vet. What to do?

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    Re: cats have issues, can't afford vet

    I'm very sorry to read about the problems with your cats and the recent loss of your job. Unfortunately, the medical situations you describe indicate that a visit to the vet is the only thing I can suggest. Are there some relatives or friends who could help you with the cost of at least a visit to find out what the problems are and how much the solutions would cost?

    You have not told us in which country you live, so I cannot suggest any animal charities which might help you. In some countries, there are medical charities which will treat the pets of people with limited finances (e.g. the Blue Cross in the UK).



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