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    What is your dogs favorite toy?

    As the topic says what is your dogs favorite toy?

    My pup loves her chew toys. She cant go anywhere without them. When we walk in the door shes always got one in her mouth. I guess its better then that being your hand.

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    Re: What is your dogs favorite toy?

    In another thread, you wrote that you were not sure whether to buy your basset puppy, as he was cross-eyed. Did you go ahead with the purchase, then? If so, feel free to add some photos of your puppy.

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    Re: What is your dogs favorite toy?

    Squeeking ball

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    Re: What is your dogs favorite toy?

    Studies have shown that dogs will usually choose a new toy over an old one, because they love novelty. So sometimes dogs will cycle through favorite toys because they crave something new. But don't worry, once they've put down an old favorite for a while, it will become "new" again to them, so you won't always have to keep buying new toys.
    Dogs' instincts drive them on a constant search for food and treats. Because even though these days, they rely on their owners for nourishment, their ancestors had to fight for every scrap. Thus, puzzle toys full of treats will keep them focused for hours until they retrieve all the treats. Some dogs love plush toys. Some carry them around gently or even snuggle with them. Labradors and retrievers are known for carrying their plushies around like they might carry a duck carcass while hunting with their humans. So dogs with an instinct for hunting may gently carry around their plush toys.
    Also, plush toys may remind dogs of their puppies or siblings. Mother dogs whose puppies were taken too early or those who were taken from their mothers before they were weaned may snuggle with something that reminds them of their family. Also, some dogs have strong mothering instincts, so they like having a small toy to care for.
    Dogs who not only love toys that stimulate their predatory instincts, but also love to rip them to shreds, may have an even greater predatory drive than most.
    Some dogs can't get enough of fetch, so their ball is their favorite toy. These pups are likely motivated by their instinct to chase down prey. ��

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    Re: What is your dogs favorite toy?

    Yoenna, your post above contains quotes - word for word copied - from the following page, albeit in various parts of the page:

    Please do not quote verbatim the content from other web sites, as it could represent a breach of copyright. In any case, the source of the quotes should always be acknowledged. Thank you for your cooperation.



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