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    I'm worried about my puppy

    Greetings everyone,

    I am new to basset ownership. My puppy won't come home until the 27th, BUT i am worried about his eyes. He looks cross-eyed. The breeder doesn't appear worried about it and says they'll straighten as his vision strengthens....but I'm not convinced. None of her previous litters didn't have this issues, her pups are gorgeous. Someone more versed in the breed please tell me I'm overthinking this.

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    Re: I'm worried about my puppy

    A warm to the forum! Personally, I would treat any professional breeder, selling dogs for profit, with extreme caution. Such people have one motive: to sell their puppies for money. This is not intrinsically wrong, but it does mean that they will want to sell their puppies in order to make money. So 100% honesty may "take a back seat", so to speak.

    I would suggest that you hold back from accepting the puppy until such time as the so-called "temporary problem", as the breeder claims, is resolved. I have no idea how much this person is demanding for a basset puppy, but if you are paying good money you shouldn't have to accept a dog with eye problems. Or, if you really have fallen in love with the puppy and the problem does not go away, the price should be reduced.

    By the way, I am puzzled by what say in your post above, "I am new to basset ownership." You have also put in another thread - - asking about a nine year old basset which you already have. Please explain. Have you not had the other basset a long time?

    Once again, welcome to the forum!

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    Re: I'm worried about my puppy

    Actually I bought a 9 year old basset.



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