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Thread: Pheromone anger

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    Pheromone anger

    We have two dogs, both adoptees. Big Dog is a Boxer mix and has been neutered. Blue Dog is a pit bull and is not spayed yet. Both dogs were raised around kids and have never shown any aggression towards them. Adults don't get that free pass, though. We live near a golf course and there have been a few unfortunate interactions with ground hogs and chipmunks. Big Dog is three years old, Blue Dog is four.

    Blue Dog went into heat a few weeks ago and it all broke loose when she did. Big Dog would posture up and go for the kill if she got near him, rather odd for two dogs who would clean each others faces after eating. Resource guarding generally involves biting lips and ears to establish dominance, Big Dog was coming from behind and targeting Blue Dog's neck. All three of us took some damage.

    My question is whether someone else has had experience with pheromones pushing a neutered male into attack mode? I've done some research on this and found some information saying it happens, but there's nothing on if it goes away when the heat cycle is over. Blue Dog is scheduled for her spay in September, 30 days after estrus so the uterus has time to recover before surgery.

    We have a veterinarian and a certified trainer working with us on this, neither of which can offer any certainty that things will return to normal for our pups.

    I appreciate any help offered. Thank you.
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