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    Ran over a cat and dont know if reacted correctly (unpleasant story) advice please

    Im sorry for writing this on here but ive been crying for the past 3 days because i dont know if i made a huge mistake.

    Please stop reading if you dont want to read something unpleasant, i just please really need some advice/opinion even if its negative

    3 days ago i hit a cat with my car (she ran out of a ditch next to a forest directly infront of my car and i wasnt able to stop (by hitting the brakes the front part of the car actually lowered))
    I was driving about 70kmh (43mph) when it happened. I drove back and stopped. She was still alive but when i picked her up she was totally limp. i put her down on the grass and stayed with her for a while. She just tried to take a breath once every few seconds but couldnt and she wasnt able to move. I didnt want her to suffer longer so i put her out of her misery by restricting bloodflow to the brain...i really tried to do it as painless as i possibly could. Then i put her body next to the forest she came from. The next day i had to drive past again (i live about 1 and a half hours away from the place it happened) so i carried her into the forest with a cat toy and some cat food(from my cats) and put a tshirt on her, so she wouldnt lie next to a road in the sun. Been trying to find an owner since than by calling the nearby houses, and making a forum post in the locar area(im from europe) ...just want to ask for forgiveness...if something like this even can be forgiven.

    Now i read that i should have called the police and a veterinarian so the vet could asses the situation and i feel f++++ horrible. Im really affraid that i reacted the wrong way and that the cat could have lived. i feel really sad. i have 3 cats at home and i really love animals. I thought i was doing the right thing but now every thought of it is killing me.

    Please answer if you can even if you just want to tell me that im a piece of s+++. If you want to ask anything im also prepared to answer

    Im sorry i really didnt want to ruin your day...just dont know where to turn to
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