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    Animal Shelter's Ingenious Storm Area 51 Advertising

    With people over the past few weeks joking/deciding to storm Area 51 in the United States, an Oklahoma City Animal Shelter has decided to do some fantastic marketing.

    If anybody hasn't seen it yet, they've dressed up some of the dogs who are up for adoption as aliens. Saying, 'Come storm our shelters.' The original Facebook post is below if anybody would like to see the photos.
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    Re: Animal Shelter's Ingenious Storm Area 51 Advertising

    I've not seen anyone joking about storming Area 51, but I suppose it is an American thing so I may well have missed it. But anything which encourages people to adopt a dog has got to be a positive move.

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    Re: Animal Shelter's Ingenious Storm Area 51 Advertising

    The area 51 jokes are all over the realm known as Facebook, you know the monstrosity of social media and people in certain parts of the world are beginning to call the site a crime scene. All the storming area 51 memes are on there.....
    I do think the way they advertised the pets for adoption is clever though
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