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    Foundraising for animal shelter.They really need your help!

    Direct link to crowdfunding site removed. Any member interested in donating is advised to contact the poster of this thread via private message on this forum and to check the identity and genuineness of the person concerned, also to verify any veterinary estimates, before making any donation. Genuine people will not mind doing this. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
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    Re: Foundraising for animal shelter.They really need your help!

    Welcome Natasa!

    I hope that you are able to find the funds to help your animal shelter. I have all the respect for those who are willing to work with animals in these situations. Sadly, to protect the members of the forum I've had to remove the hyperlink to your crowdfunding site. If anybody is interested in donating or finding out more information, they are welcome to private message natasa77 themselves.

    I've viewed the crowdfunding link, and the shelter in question is located I believe in Serbia. If this is wrong Natasa, please let me know and I'll correct myself.'

    Whilst you are here Natasa, please head over to the introduce yourself section of the forum. I'm sure some members may be interested in hearing more about yourself and the shelter you work for. Please keep in mind that I sadly can't allow you to just post the link to your crowdfunding site again. I believe this shelter genuinely may need assistance, so I've allowed this original post to remain. However, creating another thread with just the crowdfunding link won't be tolerated.
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    Re: Foundraising for animal shelter.They really need your help!

    Natasa, a warm welcome from me, too! As Wrax has mentioned above, this forum does not allow someone to simply post a link to a third party fundraising site, especially without full details. I have, however, noticed that you created a blog also on this forum - and on that page you have mentioned your Facebook page. As you appear to be an animal charity, I am happy to put in a link here (just this once) to your Facebook page:

    This will help any members or visitors to this site to decide whether to donate to your charity, as there are full contact details as well as descriptions of your activities. (Note to readers of this thread: you can always use Google Translate for the page given above, as it is in Serbian. The English version of their Facebook seems to be down at the moment).



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