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    My one kitten hates the other... What now?

    So, I just got 2 kittens. A little girl named Mocha, and a tinier little boy named Latte. Both are 8 weeks old but Latte is significantly smaller than Mocha.

    Now, Mocha is a feisty one. She was meowing on the way back home, which to me indicates shes just scared and needs time adjusting. But here's the thing, Latte is a curious one. He follows Mocha everywhere. Mocha is having none of it, she will hiss at Latte and she's also paw-slapped him. Mocha also follows Latte, almost like she's bullying him. I've tried to seperate them but they'll start meowing continuously. What should I do so Mocha won't one day fully kick Latte's baby butt?

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    Re: My one kitten hates the other... What now?

    to the forum! Please go to the introductions section of the forum to say hello to members and tell us about yourself and any companion animals you may have.

    It is difficult to respond to your query in any detail, as we don't know the background. Where did you get the kittens, and in what circumstances? What sort of home do you live in - a house with a garden (often called a "yard" by Americans)? Or in a flat (often called an "apartment" by Americans)? Are the kittens being kept indoors 24/7, or are they allowed outdoors?

    However, on the limited information which you have already given, I would say that the problems you are describing are because the kittens were taken too early from their mother. A period of 12 weeks from birth is regarded as the normal minimum. Pleas read the following pages carefully from start to finish:

    Because the kittens were taken from their mother so young, they will naturally be experiencing disorientation and behavioural problems. These should, hopefully, reduce with time, but lots of patience and love will be required. Good kitten-appropriate nutrition is also important at such a young age.

    Please come back and let us know how your kittens are progressing.



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