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Thread: Greetings

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    Hiya guys, I haven't forgotten about the forum however I can't get into my old account Frolicking Ferrets, I don't remember the password or the email to reset the password so I just created a new account.
    A lot has happened since I was last in here and I've currently got a possible court case against my step father, I was assaulted by him in March, he and my mum stole my dog who had pups at the time. The whole situation has made me have to let my ferrets go, they're currently at a friend's until I'm in a position to have them back, there's only 3 of them now, Scylla (Bandit's daughter), Inka who I took on as a "problem ferret" and she was never an issue in my care and Grimm who's a black self semi angora ferret. My cat has also had to go so I've send her to one of the people in closest to until I can have her back.
    The only pets I have at the moment are my pups, Echo and Calypso, both cavapoos. Echo is the daughter to the dog who was stolen with her pups, I managed to get her back along with 5 of her pups, my mum who's an unethical breeder has the other female puppy and the police won't get involved to get her back for me..... So other than some phycological trauma and slightly damaged shoulder joint, I'm okay. How's everyone else on here, sorry I've not been on the forum for ages admin.
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    Re: Greetings

    Yes, of course we remember you and are very sorry to hear what happened. I will send you a private message.

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    Re: Greetings

    We have discussed things via PM and please continue to use your new user name. Welcome back to the forum! Your Echo is really, really cute! I'm glad to see that you have already set up albums for Echo and Calypso. Every best wish to you!



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