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    Rabbit buried other rabbit

    So I have 6 dwarf rabbits for 7 months now and it's the time that they are pregnant. I noticed that while I let them out of the cage, the male collects grass and puts it in a newly dug burrow. This morning I saw that the burrow is now closed up with the pregnant doe. Previously the pregnant doe was missing for a day and found her later with a part of her back leg torn but dried. I nursed her and put her back. Only to find they buried her and the young in the burrow. I know that they do this in the wild to protect them from predators, but I've never heard of an incident where they bury the mother with the young. And help and advice will be appreciated and will provide further info if necessary.

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    Re: Rabbit buried other rabbit

    Firstly, a warm welcome to the forum!

    I'm sorry to hear about the problem with your doe and baby bunnies. I'm a little confused, as you talk about a "cage", but also about their making a burrow. So are your rabbits kept in a metal cage indoors, or in in outdoor pen? I do not see how they could make a burrow in a cage.

    Please explain your set-up, preferably with some photos. It is also unclear whether the doe and babies are still alive, as you speak of "burying". I hope that they are OK. Please clarify.

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    Re: Rabbit buried other rabbit

    Thanks. Sorry for the mistake, it's an outdoor pen I build of scrap metal and chicken fence. I just came home and saw that the burrow is dug open again and she is roaming close outside the burrow. I am at ease, was just a little bit worried. This thread can be closed with the conclusion that the doe will sometimes be buried with the young in the burrow.

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    Re: Rabbit buried other rabbit

    I'm glad to hear that everything is OK now. I hope that you will stay with our forum and take part in other discussions.



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