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    Top Dog Dogs go to the polling stations!

    There are local elections in the UK today. As usual, the press is full of articles about voters taking their dogs with them to the polling stations. This has become a tradition in the UK. I'm sure that the dogs think that their humans must be barking mad to spend time marking crosses on bits of paper, instead of playing in the sun, haha!

    This is from the BBC website. Enjoy!

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    Re: Dogs go to the polling stations!

    Love the article :) , great pictures in there, thanks for linking it. It's great to see dogs around polling places they probably bring people together to have nice conversations. Whenever i see somebody with a dog i always start chatting with them about something, dogs are really awesome at making u more social with others. such awesome animals. You're so right about them thinking the people are crazy for not enjoying the outdoors and instead standing in line lol, they are probably like there must be some amazing treat inside this building lots of people here gotta be an extra big person treat in there :)

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    Re: Dogs go to the polling stations!

    Glad that you enjoyed it. As far as I am aware, the practice of bringing dogs to polling stations and taking photos is unique to the UK - but I'm happy to be proved wrong. Not all polling stations allow the dogs to enter (it is at the discretion of the returning officer), but in that case usually couples or families take it in turns to vote whilst someone looks after the dog.

    On Twitter, there is an official hashtag: #dogsatpollingstations
    On searching the net, I have now discovered that there is website, explaining the phenomenon in much greater detail:


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    Re: Dogs go to the polling stations!

    What an absolutely fantastic idea having a website and official hashtag. The website has some really funny photos on it I certainly hope this trend catches on outside the UK! Thank you for sharing LPC
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    Re: Dogs go to the polling stations!

    that's something new

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    Re: Dogs go to the polling stations!

    Great, get it



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