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    Re: Hello everyone. I draw the animas I love!

    Hello TaurusLove420,

    Bear wrestling. Wow, there are a few videos on youtube about that. You like to live dangerously! Your handle photo gave me my next drawing idea - a bull!

    Thank you for the Tattoo design idea. It never occurred to me. I will try it out and see how it goes. What type of tattoos do you make? Would love to see some of your inspiration and designs.

    I appreciate your support a lot. Happy Easter

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    Re: Hello everyone. I draw the animas I love!

    oh, nice bulls are beautiful. I love any animals with antlers and horns i think they look super cool not evil at all i don't know why some religions adopted horns as an evil characteristic. If you actually think about it all animals with horns are super peaceful like, bulls, rhino, goat, gazelle etc. they are mostly herbivores too even the dinosaurs with horns were peaceful herbivores like triceratops, anyways random rant about horns lol. i just think they are really beautiful and are a sign of defense, not sure why some associate them with evil.

    i don't have much art on the internet to show but maybe i will draw some stuff later and upload it, not tattoos just regular drawings, i dont really wanna put tattoos in these forums that would be kind of off topic and random. but i could draw some animals later and upload them sounds kinda fun actually :)



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