If you have a male cat and you donít want him to have an overly popular name, there are many interesting and unique male cat names out there.

Below are just a few of them so have a browse and hopefully you will find the perfect one for your pet..

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1. Elvis

If you are a music fan and want to pay homage to that when you name your cat, why not go for Elvis? Itís an unusual but sweet name for the feline in your life and itís sure to be a talking point.
2. Diablo

This means ďthe devilĒ which might sound a little extreme but itís the perfect choice for cats who are mischievous and always up to no good.
Plus this name is very unique so your cat is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.
3. Darth

Darth is a great name that portrays strength, which might suit your cat.
Itís actually ideal for black cats because when many people hear the name ďDarthĒ, they will think of Darth Vader.
4. Copper

Ginger cats are absolutely beautiful and if you are lucky enough to own one, why not call him Copper after the color of his fur?
This is a sweet name and one that is quite original compared to other more common cat names