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    the 3rd largest zoo in the world

    Lahore zoo is the 3rd largest zoo in the world and annually around 3 million people visit lahore zoo. i visited the zoo and wanted to share the zoo video with you guys.

    The zoo's late elephant known as Suzi died. Suzi was more popular than even the presidents of many countries. Around 50 million people knew Suzi by her name.

    I want to know that did you guys like this beautiful zoo?
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    Re: the 3rd largest zoo in the world

    Hi Shahkarkan, welcome to the forum

    I just watched your video and Lahore zoon certainly has a large variety of animals. I didn't know you were able to get so close to so many of the animals.

    Normally new users are not permitted to post YouTube links. You can see this thread as for why: However, you seem sincere in wanting to share your recent trip to Lahore Zoo with us all. So, I've decided that your YouTube link can remain as an exception to this rule.

    We would love for you to head over to the Introduce Yourself section of the forums and introduce yourself. Do you have any pets of your own or are you more interested in any of the wildlife you recently met at the zoo?
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