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    Is keeping a pet right or wrong?

    Yes, keeping a pet is right. Do you know having a dog keeps you more active? Walking your dog can help you meet the daily exercise.

    Health experts say that dog owners have less blood pressure and heart rates.

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    Re: Is keeping a pet right or wrong?

    I think if you are keeping a pet for the right reasons, then it is fine. People who own pets generally do so for many reasons. Companionship, responsibility, love, activity, socialisation, stress relief, protection. The list goes on.

    The health benefits you have discussed are certainly also true. Another benefit I would add off the top of my head is a drop in loneliness. Not only can your pet keep you company (especially for those who live alone), but you can meet so many like-minded people through pet ownership. Saying hello to other regular dog walkers on your regular route. Maybe you go to obedience classes, or enjoy trips to the beach or dog park. For other pet owners, say those who have fish, could join a local Facebook group who talk about fish care or aquascaping. Or, may simply enjoy getting out of the house to look at the fish at their local pet store.
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    Re: Is keeping a pet right or wrong?

    Pets are very helpful for you when you are depressed or dealing with any other mental or physical health issues. They provide you companionship and an emotional support. Hence its a great idea adopting a pet if you don't have one.

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    Re: Is keeping a pet right or wrong?

    Pets not only do a lot of fun activities with you, but they also provide you with mental health benefits, which are so good that it is almost comical to believe in the irony of them. But what are these hilarious mental health benefits offered by pets that can change your mental health drastically?

    Well here is an article that explains in detail, all the magical benefits that pets offer to you.



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