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    Can dogs see ghosts?

    Many people believe dogs can see ghosts. While I'm not sur if I'm a beleiver we did have a very spooky 150 year old house growing up and there were many strange noises. And there were many times when our dog would growl and appear to be staring at something that we could not see. Weird.

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    Re: Can dogs see ghosts?

    hhhhh Maybe

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    Re: Can dogs see ghosts?

    Scientifically ghosts aren't a thing however it is believed dogs can feel the energy of a 'ghost' and it can even freak them out. It's something I'm skeptical about, ghosts I mean, I like to believe they are real but looking at scientific evidence they're not so I'm just gonna be forever skeptical as to weather they are or not. Surely spirits are real though? I bet animals not just dogs can sense those
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    Re: Can dogs see ghosts?

    I believe they can see somethings extraordinary that we can't see. Not sure if Ghosts exists and Dogs can see them. But I have seen people talking about their experiences with Ghosts.

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    Re: Can dogs see ghosts?

    If you believe in ghosts, it is quite normal to believe that dogs see ghosts. I believe that dogs see the world a little differently than people, so they sometimes "hang" into a wall or door.



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