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    Animal Communication - Free Readings

    In case anyone's interested, I admin a boutique Facebook group dedicated to animals & their carers in which ACs offer free mini readings (some are actually full ones ) in return for detailed feedback as to what they have right & wrong.
    We are private so you remain anonymous & we value ethics, integrity & confidentially above all else.
    These ladies rate between Advanced & Professional, having spent years & much expense to achieve these levels of competency which include the living, passed over, healings & energy work. Some do body scans but they will stress the need to use a medical professional when health questions arise (quite often). However these connections can be gold when vets have been unable to diagnose but the carer knows he/she has a problem.
    All creatures great & small are welcome from scaled or feathered thru' to furry, they all love to be heard, some more than others
    All that's needed is their name (MOST important) a short text on what you'd like to know & a photo clearly showing their eyes but with NO other being or part thereof in the shot; multiple energies can be extremely confusing. You must also own the animal unless it's in spirit.
    I'm afraid I can't give you an example of what to expect due to our privacy rules so pop on over if only for a look I do all the Approvals but I'm in Oz so if I'm a bit slow, please bear with me
    I've chosen you guys/gals simply because you have such a great variety of species & I believe (hope too) that generally, forum members are more mature than the average FB users.
    Cheers & look forward to seeing some of you at the Animal Communication Co-Op
    Contact me by PM if interested.
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    Re: Animal Communication - Free Readings

    Thelwell, good to see you again. However, I have had to edit your post above, as it contained an html hyperlink to a Facebook site. New members are not permitted to put in hyperlinks. This is a privilege for established members, once they have made a substantial number of posts on this forum. Even then, it is a condition that the links are not commercial in nature (trying to sell something). The link you originally put in leads to a Facebook site for professional ACs. I appreciate your point that mini-readings may be free, but the full ones sometimes are not, so that counts as commercial. Sorry about that.

    Any members interested in AC sessions are, however, free to contact you via PM on this forum. Every best to you!

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    Re: Animal Communication - Free Readings

    Fully understandable & acceptable tho' I would like to add that no long reading on the group is or would ever be charged for as it's up to each AC how they showcase themselves Of the 12 approved ACs, only one is professional, the rest either wannabes or simply do it in their free time for the love of animals, 3 at least being 'rescue' ladies.
    I now have permission to post here from both the AC (a professional groomer) & owner of this deaf & almost blind, 7mo puppy but they'd like their names withheld. This is a long reading:

    Hello ?????. For some reason I was drawn to this group tonight and right to Frost’s picture. He connected with me immediately. First he shows that he’s a gift and you gave him a stable home. He says that right now he’s diminishing the peace of the house but with teamwork you will both push through this and find the strength to work things out.
    I ask how you can best communicate with him and he shows me touch and vibration. He also says that commitment is necessary and to stop worrying and just let love heal the problems. He shows you flooded with emotions and wants you to get tough and find your inner strength. He says that confidence and routine are what he needs from you to teach him.
    Ok, so from this I can see that he doesn’t want you to feel sorry for him - he doesn’t understand that - he only knows this life that he’s been given and no other. By touch and vibration, I get that he wants you to use physical touch to tell him he’s right or wrong or vibration would be tapping your foot on the floor or tapping a table or couch with your hand. Think of no touches/vibrations and yes touches/vibrations. Maybe a soft and steady for yes and a sharp firm for no. Consider that a vet or groomer would have to use a firm touch to hold him still for procedures - so keep that in mind when coming up with a way to communicate with him.
    Routine will become his friend and everything will go more smoothly, but his reference to your confidence is very important. Animals are non-verbal and masters at picking up on energy, so the way you feel will be readable by him.
    As for housebreaking, it shouldn’t be any different than with any other dog. Confine puppies to small spaces and take them out after waking, after eating or playing and reinforce outdoor elimination. To reward him for going outside, I’d use a high-value treat like cheese, meat, jerky. Food is certainly something he doesn’t need eyes or ears to appreciate so it will be perfect for telling him when he does a good job. Over time, you can develop a signal for asking if he wants to go out such as a certain tap on the floor. Think about the Morris Code. You can come up with different taps to mean different things.
    It’s so wonderful that you are willing to take on this project and I have no doubt that ???? is very pleased!
    Best of luck to you and write back if you have any questions!
    Anyone who does happen to be interested, feel free to PM any questions re. joining, otherwise, post away here if you have any of your own stories



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