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Thread: Ex Pom in Oz

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    Ex Pom in Oz

    all, as above I emigrated at 13yo with a lifelong passion for animals, more specifically horses & my last 2 holistically trained racehorses are retired here with me in rural Miners Rest, Victoria on 13 beautiful acres What more could I & they want?
    Having laid our beautiful Rotty to rest 3 years ago due to a hind leg osteosarcoma, he will be my last dog as I can't go thru' that sort of loss again at only 5 years old. Breeding carefully researched for temp. & soundness, rearing guidelines adhered to, daily several kilometres of free running & a well balanced diet failed to prevent the dreaded "C" onset Loving the choice of smileys btw!
    An 8yo tuxedo female cat lives with us on a 50/50 in & outside basis at will...........she IS a cat

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    Re: Ex Pom in Oz

    Warmest greetings, Thelwell! I also a Brit, although I have lived in France for many years. We have a dog, my mother's cat, two alpacas and two "retired" ewes.

    Feel free to post pictures of your animals, if you feel the wish. BTW, your name is quite unusual...and you like horses. So are you perhaps related to that famous horse cartoonist, Norman Thelwell? See

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    Re: Ex Pom in Oz

    Hi Thelwell!

    I'm sorry to hear about your Rotty, an osteosarcoma at such a young age is so unfortunate. :(

    What are the names of your horses? It certainly sounds like they have a good life! How long have you been involved with horse racing?
    Hi There, how are you?
    I run a blog aimed at helping pet owners learn about their pets. It's only small at the moment, but the content is honest, well researched and hopefully informative. If you are interested in visiting it, please do. I would love to hear your feedback.
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    Re: Ex Pom in Oz

    Cheers ladies (??), no relation to the cartoonist but as I loved the books growing up, I figured it to be unusual, vaguely applicable to me & easy to remember Alpacas seem to be very popular as pets, they're always on the Yorkshire Vet show - Sat night at 7.30. Sheep I'd never manage to keep in here as we're fenced for horses & calves (at one time).
    The 15yo is Cock O' The Walk/Wally so named due to his 'King of all I survey' & protective nature of his herd (when we had a few) despite gelding as a late yearling. Also his breeding by Masterclass ex a Dolphin Street mare who was out of Mahalia Walk by Cheyne Walk
    Paddock trained & unraced 'till 4yo, he ran many 2nds trying his heart out over several distances but low level laminitis did trouble him despite always looking fat on a low carb/starch etc. diet & little of that.
    10yo is Megastrike Mike by Deadly Storm/ big fella or big guy seems to have stuck! Had him too since a youngster & he still acts like a suspicious baby! He damaged his sacro playing too rough with a mate in a large paddock during a muddy winter. Neither would give up (colts then) & as he didn't perform up to expectations & had awful trouble lifting & holding hinds up for trimming, I'm assuming that was the cause (vet diagnosed)
    I got my licence at 21 & relinquished at 64 due to lack of decent track riders these days & poor ones can wreck a horse in one ride I used to ride but chronic neck & back injuries from too many falls put paid to that about 30 yrs ago.
    My passion of the last few years is animal communication & have the utmost awe for those either gifted or who have worked their butts off to become proficient - not to mention the cost of courses. Having seen so many animals & their carers helped over the years, especially traumatised ex kill pen horses, I was asked to admin a recently formed Facebook group run by specifically invited ACs in which the public post a pic of their pet for a free mini reading in return for detailed feedback to the responding AC.
    If my attempt at pic posting has worked, this is Janus, a couple of weeks prior to passing. Ever dog fearers loved him, a credit to his breed.
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    Re: Ex Pom in Oz

    No, neither Wrax nor I are ladies. Best to avoid assumptions, haha!

    We had an animal communicator member on this forum, but he hasn't visited for quite a long time. I can give you his forum member name via PM, if you wish.



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