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    My bunny has died :(

    So yesterday I got gifted a bunny and when I was sleeping, I went to the bathroom and then I suddenly saw that my bunny was lying on the floor like a dead cute fur bag (she was dead)
    There was food in the bathroom
    The door to the bathroom was open
    The lights were turned on
    Can anyone find out how my bunny died? I'm really sad :(

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    Re: My bunny has died :(

    I'm very sorry to hear what happened. You have asked, "Can anyone find out how my bunny died?" The answer is "Possibly - if you take the body of your rabbit to a vet for a post-mortem." Otherwise, the chances of finding out the cause are remote.

    If you don't want to take your rabbit for a post-mortem, then the following questions need answers:

    Who bought the rabbit for you?
    How long before Christmas was the rabbit acquired (What date?)
    Where did this person get her from? (A pet trader, a private individual, a professional breeder, a pet shop, a pet refuge......?)
    How old was she at the time of purchase? (If the person who got her for you doesn't know, then it is necessary to ask the person from whom the rabbit was acquired)
    How was she transported from the previous place to your home?
    Where was the rabbit kept between the time of purchase and being given to you?
    Under what conditions was she kept during that time (e.g. in a hutch or in a small room, alone or with company of other animals/humans, heated or not, etc...)?
    What food was given to the rabbit during that time?
    Was a water bowl provided and replenished during that time?
    What do you mean by the word "bathroom"? Do you mean it in the true sense of the word (meaning a larger room with a bath in it - as in British English usage) or as a euphemism for "toilet" (as in the USA)?
    Why did you keep your rabbit in the bathroom and not somewhere else?

    If you answer all the above questions, they might give an idea of what happened. But only a post-mortem by a vet could give any chance of certainty - and even post-mortems can be inconclusive sometimes.

    I offer you my heartfelt condolences on the passing of your rabbit. But if in future you ever decide to get another one, proper living quarters need to prepared beforehand; a good mixed food supply ready - and the rabbit should be acquired out of love, not as a surprise present for someone else.
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    Re: My bunny has died :(

    Dear Andrea1112,
    I am very sorry for the loss of your little rabbit. Bless her heart and Soul.

    She passed, most likely not because of anything you did wrong, but possibly for the reasons LPC mentioned above. Wise advice there.



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