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Thread: Hi

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    New here. I'm a doctor and have 2 flemish giant rabbits. It's been 3 years and both are the very important part of my family. Love to spend time with my rabbits and how they behave. Im blushing right now.

    I have started a blog as well. But not complete yet. I'm not a tech geek. My sis is helping me to set it up. Will share it when the design and other thing is done. Excited to be here.

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    Re: Hi

    Flemish giant rabbit here is the link of my blog if anybody want to visit and it's about Flemish giant rabbit. Let me know what you think.

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    Re: Hi

    to the forum! I like your blog, which is informative and non-commercial (so the link can stay). I hope that you will contribute to the forum on a regular basis, as we need a rabbit specialist!

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    Re: Hi

    HI, Thanks, I'm glad that you liked my blog. Sure I will contribute more here. You will see more activities from me.

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    Re: Hi

    Hi Flemishgiant!

    Just checked out your blog and it looks great! Keep up the great content.

    I never knew about Flemish Giants until a few months ago. It's amazing that they can get so big. How old were your two when they got to their full size? Or are your still growing? I don't really know when these rabbits reach a full size.
    Hi There, how are you?
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    Re: Hi

    Do you have any pictures to post of your giants? Sure would like to see them :]
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