The nutrition needs vary from person to person in humans. Similarly, the nutrition needs vary from animal to animal. Proteins are very important for humans but in right amount. High protein is required by those humans who need extra energy such as body builders and athletes. Normal people would not need much protein in normal life. Same is the case with dogs. They need protein but a definite amount would be enough for them. High protein is not safe for them and we will discover this further in this article.

Dogs love to be fed on other animal’s fats because they are highly carnivorous. Dogs being carnivorous, if left on their own choices, they will surely consume a diet that primarily consists of other animals. A study of 13,000 dead domestic dog, dingoes and hybrids found that their stomachs consisted of 98% animal matter. Another fact related to their diet is that dogs benefit greatly from a biologically appropriate raw food diet.

Animal’s meat consists of a high amount of protein and fats. For example, the body of a baby rabbit or rat is 70% protein and 30% fat. With the advent of dry Pet Food, dog’s intake of protein has lessened to 22% in total. The reason is because the manufacturers of Dog Food know the exact amount of protein dogs must have. Protein level must not exceed the limit because it can cause some problems. That is why pet dogs are given the right amount of food, so that their protein intake can be managed and checked.

18 to 22% is the legally permitted amount of protein that is allowed for dogs. Dry food for dogs has been proved to be beneficial for a check and balance system. Winner Plus Dog Food is the best food in this regard which contains the right amount of protein that is good for your dog’s health. In addition to the reason that high protein level is not good for dogs, protein is also very expensive because it is extracted from animals.
There is another thing that must be considered and that is the problem always lies with the quality, not the quality. It is an important point. Cooked protein is not of a good quality. It is not good from digestibility point of view. That is why we are told not to take too much of it. Cooked protein is also not good for carnivorous dogs. It is hard to digest for animals. Fragments of it hang around the gut, and, the immune system does not like weird proteins hanging around the gut. After a period, dogs are proven to sensitize to these foreign strands, this can take anything from 6 – 18 months of eating the same poor quality protein.

Bad quality protein can cause some stomach problems in the dogs such as inflammation. Blood has all the immune system strength and high level of bad quality protein can badly affect that. It increases the blood pressure. It also causes some skin problems like rash, pustules and many other problems in specific areas between the toes or in the ears.

Protein is a rich quality calorie nutrient and if it is taken in a large amount, it can result in high-calorie level, which can cause many diseases in the dogs. If the dog is having kidney or liver issues, calories can be highly dangerous. Puppies would require a large amount of protein because they are in their developmental stages. High level of protein will increase the weight and make your dog obese which will in turn make them lazy and lethargic which you would never like.


In dogs, sticking to one food source is the route to nutritional deficiency and illness. Just like humans, dogs cannot love on one kind of food, they need variety of different foods to fulfil their nutritional needs along with the satisfaction of their taste buds. The best way to fulfil the nutritional and dietary needs of dogs, feed them with fresh meat, organs, cartilage and bones. The safest and most Healthy Dog Food contains sufficient amount of protein and all other nutrients necessary for dogs.

Dry Pet Food is the safest for your pet because they are AAFCO tested and guaranteed. Specific research has been done by manufacturers to complete the formula. Pet Food companies invest their time and resources to satisfy their customers in producing the best food for your pet dogs. Winner Plus Dog Food is of the best quality in all the regards such as right quality and quantity of protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibers and many other nutrients.