A little over a year ago my mom surprised me with two goldfish she had won at a fair. They lived in a small bowl next to the fridge until I decided to do research and realized what I was doing was terrible. I went out and bought a ten gallon tank kit from Walmart. Iíll shorten the story but I was later gifted 3 fancy goldfish and a shubunkin. I purchased a 29 gallon tank for the fancies and put the two comet goldfish in a grey tub for the time. I was unaware the tank was 29 gallons since I was told it was 40. The next night I went to petco and bought an aqueon 40 gallon breeder for the fancies. The fancies and shubunkin are now in the 40 gallon breeder and the comets in the 29 gallon. I have an aqueon 30 filter on the 29 and a marine land biowheel 200 on the 40 as well as an aerator. The comets are about 3 inches and the fancies and shubunkin range from 2-4 inches. Iím aware this isnít the best living conditions bit Iím a 13 year old and i canít afford to buy a 150 gallon tank or anything huge but I can save up quite a bit. I want advice on what to do because I want to keep these fish since my family and I love them. Feel free to ask any questions and Iíll answer. Thanks!