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    Helping animals abroad without putting myself at risk

    Hi. I might go and visit another country soon, it's a third world country with lots of strays. I will most likely be staying there for at least 2 months. The last time I was there, which was several years ago, it was hard for me to not try to help the animals I could that was in my nearest vicinity. I was younger then so I admit I did not consider the risks that much and just did what felt right.
    Now I'm well aware of the risk of rabies for example, and that would be my main concern. If I can't resist approaching an animal that needs help (usually it has been in need of feeding, taking care of a wound and stuff like that), is there anything I can do to avoid the risk of contracting rabies? There might also be other diseases that I haven't considered, but that feels like possibly the most dangerous one. I feel like looking for symptoms is a very untrustworthy method by itself.
    Would love some advice, no success with google unfortunately.

    Thank you in advance, any thoughts are appreciated.

    TL;DR: How do I avoid risk of contracting rabies when in direct contact with strays?

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    Re: Helping animals abroad without putting myself at risk

    The obvious suggestion, if you plan to be in regular contact with stray domestic animals in a third world country with rabies, is to get yourself vaccinated before you go. You may (or may not) get some local redness and soreness for a few days, but vaccine has existed for a long time, since 1885, so it is generally very safe. Here is one page giving mostly factual background information:

    People who are going into frequent contact with strays in countries with rabies are eligible for vaccination. See this helpful page:

    Don't take the risk of going unprotected. Treatment after a bite or scratch is far more complicated than being vaccinated beforehand.

    By the way, it is wonderful that you are thinking of going to help with strays in a third world country. Every best wish to you!

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    Re: Helping animals abroad without putting myself at risk

    Thanks LPC! I will read up on that vaccination a little. Maybe I will end up staying away from adult dogs in particular since those seems to be the most common carriers. Hmm.



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