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Thread: Please help!!!

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    Unhappy Please help!!!

    Today i was weed wacking some old blackberry bushes and made the devastating realisation that i had ripped through a birds nest with 4 baby birds in it. 2 of them survived but the momma bird was distraught and could not find where i relocated the nest to. What should i do??? Can i adopt these lil guys and feed them worms or something or should i just leave them be? Since i needed to leave them in the general area they ended up on the ground in their rebuilt nest and thankfully our horse keeps most cats away from the field itself but it seems like it’s probably not a safe place for them to be. I feel terrible for this although it was an accident ANY help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Please help!!!

    I had to look up "weed wacking" on the net, as it seems to be an American expression. Now I understand your situation.

    If the mother bird has not returned to look after her little ones, they will quickly starve. The general advice in the case of baby wild birds is to leave them alone, but in your case as it is certain that the mother is not coming back - I would suggest three things:

    1. Put the restored nest back up off the ground, perhaps in a bush nearby or if there is none after all your strimming, on a small platform on a pole. Getting them off the ground will prevent predators from eating them.
    2. Give some grubs and worms to prevent the baby birds from starving - but only as a temporary measure.
    3. Contact your nearest wildlife rehabilitation centre for help. (Google it if you don't know where it is).

    Here are some helpful pages:

    Please come back and let us know how you got on. So many people post on here and ask for help - and then we hear no more from them...

    Good luck - and welcome to the forum!



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