Hi there, I met David Attenborough once at a book signing in Perth, Western Australia, and will never forget his sparkling eyes and his warmth as he wished me well with my Biology course that I was then studying back in 1983! Like David Attenborough, I truly respect all animals and so much that I run a blog on animal facts and encounters. I miss my cat Shandy who passed away in February 2016, a beautiful wise being. We don't have an animal companion at the moment but sometimes dog-sit for my partner's mother.

I have many interests including reading and writing and I review books also. I have had some amazing encounters with animals, including joining in Carrie Hart's and Valerie Draves' "Power Animal" group adventures, and trying to learn how to talk telepathically to animals.

If you would like to see some photos of Shandy, please go to my blog: https://facinatingamazinganimals.com...friends/shandy

Thank you to the owner and moderators of this Forum, which has nice vibes and looks very appealing. I look forward to enjoying and learning from the content here, and to contributing as I can.

Blessings to all Life on Earth.