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    Please help! Neighbor attracted rats and they are spreading

    A neighbor had chickens in a coop where she left a lot of cracked corn attracting rats. She took the chickens now but the rats are spreading. I called a professional exterminator and he suggested that we should use the bait "contrac" in the professional bait stations. I have chickens and cats and it worries me. We've never had issues with rats and we've had the chickens for a long time. We do not leave out the food like the neighbor. Please help! I'm very stressed and don't know what to do. Has anyone here used "contrac"?

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    Re: Please help! Neighbor attracted rats and they are spreading

    Looks like you live in the USA, where this product is legally available. I share your concern if you have cats and chickens. The chickens (less likely your cats) could eat the poison, which is a powerful anti-coagulant which results in a drawn-out and painful death.

    Have you tried rat repellents? In the past we have had rats and mice visiting our property, as we live in the countryside. We use an ultra-sonic sound repellent, which rats and mice cannot stand but is inaudible to humans and domestic pets. That would be a humane alternative and not dangerous for your other animals (plus not poisoning your property). There is a good page about rat repellents here:

    Every best wish to you!



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