Hello! I am new in the forum and I could really use your opinions.

I have finally decided that I am ready (both mentally and practically) to adopt a puppy. However, I am facing a dilemma. My nearby shelter has had a huge issue with housing the rescued dogs and cats so most of them are currently housed and cared by volunteers at their own homes and some of the larger ones are in an area far from the city. Since the situation is as such, the advertise the pets in "Pets for Adoption" sites and pages, with information about their personality and pictures. My problem is that I don't know if I want to adopt a pet that I haven't met and spent time with. To me, online posts and the like feel like choosing from a catalogue. I don't feel very comfortable with that, morally speaking.

Does anyone else feel that way? What were your experiences when going through the process of adopting a pet for the first time?

Thanks in advance to everyone who answers! :)