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    Havanese lost 6 teeth at 7 years. Can anyone speculate why?

    My mom's baby lost 3 teeth about 6 months ago and another 3 teeth today - she was going in for teeth cleaning when the loose teeth were noticed. My mom is always taking the dog in for shots and checkups, and she buys the food from the vet. The vet isn't sure why the dog is losing teeth, so I hope someone has an idea. I can speculate she has bad genes, bad oral hygiene (the dog eats soft food but does go in for cleanings), etc., but this seems excessive. Thanks

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    Re: Havanese lost 6 teeth at 7 years. Can anyone speculate why?

    Giving a dog only soft, wet food can cause gum problems and teeth decay. The only way to remedy this is to clean the teeth. This can be done with a special dog toothpaste and dog toothbrush, which you can get in most pet shops and supermarkets. Not all dogs, however, will tolerate having their teeth brushed, unless they have been trained from a young age.

    In the case of my own dog, I buy dog dental chew sticks from a supermarket. Give one after breakfast in the morning and one after dinner in the evening. They will help keep your dog's gums and teeth healthy, as the dental sticks are very slightly abrasive and remove tartar, food remnants and other deposits on the teeth.

    If possible, review what you are giving your dog to eat. Exclusively wet food in tins or sachets bought from a vet or supermarket is not a great idea. For my own dog, I put beef (human consumption grade) into a grinder and add finely chopped vegetables (peas, carrots, beans, pumpkin, etc. No onions - toxic). Then I boil the mix, let it cool and put it into small silicon moulds for storage in the freezer. I also add a top-grade dog multi-vitamin and mineral tablet, ground up, to the food each day. This ensures that he is not missing any essential vitamins or minerals.

    Please keep us updated about how your dog is getting on.

    Oh, and to the forum!
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