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    Top Dog Bad things come in 3's

    Hi everybody! My name is Tarra. I have been a veterinary technician for 8 years now up in Ontario, Canada. I have one dog named George and two cats named Lao and Zorra.

    Back in September of 2017, I lost my beloved Nyah, who died of a heart attack in my arms. It was probably the hardest day of my life! I could not even save my own dog. I wrote a poem for her which I will include at the end of this message, I hope you enjoy it. My dog George shortly after Nyah passed, was diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma. He's been given a couple of months to live, but seems to be doing alright so far. Enjoying life! In that short period of time, I also found out that my cat Lao is diabetic. Ughhhh....

    They say that bad things come in threes and I'm hoping that that's the end of it. I know George is going to die soon but now it I'm expecting it. I can honestly say that having lost a dog so suddenly and having to watch a dog die slowly.... there's just no being ready for either.

    A month after Nyah passed away, I went on a trip to Cuba. The things that I experienced there changed the way I see things. And I knew that it was time for a change. While we were down there, we helped the local veterinarians with spay and neuter clinics and their clinics for sick pets.

    After I got back from that trip, I realized that I hadn't been happy in the clinic I was working at. A vet that I worked with and I decided to start a mobile vet where we can travel to people's homes and spend more quality time with these animals and their owners. So far we've been open for a month and it's been an amazing experience. I just can't believe we didn't do this sooner!

    While working in the treatment area, we often would have to deal with animals that were terrified. Most of them were able to calm down eventually, but most would need drugs to bring their anxiety level down. Having to do my job quickly and efficiently while still trying to decrease the stress of the patient really took a toll on me. I've spent the last couple years of my career focusing on creating lower Stress and Anxiety in the hospital for these pets but while still being under time crunches. Now that I'm able to spend 60 to 90 minutes in the appointments in people's homes, we're now able to show these animals that we are not a threat and they can trust us. We've had several patients so far who in the past had to have had 3-4 restrainers to take blood, but now in the home it was only minimal restraint and treats. So far it's been the most rewarding part of my career

    Also working for ourselves has been pretty amazing in the fact that were able to do things that we weren't able to do in the clinic. We practice socially responsible veterinary medicine where a portion of our fees are used to help animals and people with lower-income who can't afford to get veterinary care for their pets. In turn we videotape these compassionate experiences with owners and created a web series for educational purposes on youtube.

    Besides my vet stuff I love playing hockey in my spare time which I picked up four years ago and haven't turned back since. I played badminton most of my life but injured my shoulder and had to stop. I was a military brat growing up, dad was in the military, which brought us to Germany for 5 years of my young life. I enjoy drawing which I also picked up about 4 years ago and have improved quite a bit with the help of YouTube videos. The picture I've included I drew for my friend for his birthday it's an elephant drawing with charcoal

    Well that's my life in a nutshell! I look forward to hearing about everyone else's fur babies and where their life has brought them. Our animals are the only ones that love us unconditionally and never speak back... Well maybe some of them... But they helped us get through things that we don't even know we're having a tough time with. Thank you to all those pets out there

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    Re: Bad things come in 3's

    to the forum, Tarra! Unfortunately, your thread was was not posted automatically by the forum software, but was instead sent by the system for moderation. I have now approved your thread and it is live.

    You have given a very detailed introduction to your pets and their place in your life. I am truly sorry to read what has happened to them.

    It is also fascinating to read about your own life and how you are now working with a vet and delivering home treatment. That sounds like an excellent idea, as it is less stressful for an animal than going to a vet's treatment area. I assume that it is more expensive, but no doubt many dedicated pet owners are willing to pay the extra.

    Every best wish to you!
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