A few days ago I found a nest of baby cotton tail rabbits in our yard. I did look at them for a minute or two but then I left them alone. We had lots of rain and I was scared the nest would flood. The bunnies were born probably a day ago. I put a bin over them (The mom still was able to feed them and she did). Yesterday I checked on them and they were fine (they are about 4 days old now). Today I noticed that the mom was with them from 7:00-4:00. She did leave for a few minutes so I thought I better check and make sure everything is ok. Well there used to be about 6-8 bunnies, there was only one. I wasn't sure what happened they are too young to leave (eyes closed), and there were no remains of bunnies. So did a hawk get them? our backyard is fenced in and no coyotes could have gotten them. I have a dog but I have been watching him every time I let him outside. Any ideas on where the other bunnies went? Also should I be worried about the bunny that is left?