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    Tips & Treats of Diabetic Dog

    Diet Tips for a Diabetic Dog: Once a dog is diagnosed with diabetes they remain diabetic. There are feeding and dietary strategies which is essential for him and can help to keep their glucose levels low and well controlled. Usually the dog require insulin injections for lifelong. The best diet choice for a diabetic dog is meat-based high protein food that is fat and carbohydrate restricted. Carbohydrates contain low glycemic index. Diabetic dog food contains 30% to 40% calories which come from protein and contains less than 30% of calories which come from carbohydrate and fat.
    High fiber dog food may also help the diabetic dog. If your dog is overweight and in need to weight loss then feed him with high fiber. Sometimes the high fiber will cause inappropriate weight loss and should be avoided. To control the sugar level of your diabetics dog it is important to feed consistent meals at fixed times each day. Feed your dog and give insulin injection within one hour to help combat the blood sugar rise from the food. It is good that each feeding contains same amount of ingredients and same calories.

    Treats for a Diabetic Dog: Avoid giving treats randomly throughout the day, because it can cause blood sugar spikes which may not be controlled by the insulin. It is best to give treat after 4 hours of insulin injection, when the insulin will be at peak effectiveness. Foods that contain high carbohydrates and high sugar should be avoided. Choose the treat that are high in protein like Wellness Core and Winner Plus.

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    Re: Tips & Treats of Diabetic Dog

    Thanks God my dog is healthy and active. Is this proven and tested? How sure are you that this will really work?



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