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Thread: Dog Food

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    Dog Food

    I have a question and I need your help.

    My dog is not eating food and he is becoming thin day by day. I have tried many foods and consult the vet also but no progress.

    Can you people suggest me a proper solution?

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    Re: Dog Food

    Have you had his faeces tested for worms and other parasites? Have you asked the vet for a full blood test? Those items should be done immediately, is not already carried out.

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    Re: Dog Food

    Hi,i guess that may be due to worms inside. Go and check with the vet.
    Also, try changing the regular food you offer to him. Serve something new.

    Its very serious and needs immediate attention.

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    Re: Dog Food

    Is their any updates over here?

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    Re: Dog Food

    First of all, Please check if deworming has been done because not eating even after trying different kinds of food can be a sign of first illness especially if the dog does not seem to be active enough.

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    Re: Dog Food

    This may be because of the Heartwormers inside its stomach, better to consult a doctor once, or else you can use Heart Worm Control Food, Which will help the Dog recover by itself.
    Hope this Helps.
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    Re: Dog Food

    If you've consulted a vet, what is your vet saying corresponding, and if it's not working then you can consult another one.

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    Re: Dog Food

    Do you have to check if your dog's deworming schedule has arrived?
    Should you consult your veterinarian about the necessary tests?
    After all, you should find food that has nutritional indicators that are right for your dog.
    It is quite important that you remember your dog's vaccination schedule
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    Re: Dog Food

    else you can use Heart Worm Control Fo xender discord omegle od, Which will help the Dog recover by itself.
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    Re: Dog Food

    Quote Originally Posted by JATYGA View Post
    else you can use Heart Worm Control Food, Which will help the Dog recover by itself.
    JATYGA I haven't heard of pet food directed for controlling Heartworm before. If you didn't mind, I would be very interested if you PMd me more about them? The only know preventative for Heartworm I know of are the tablets or yearly injection, I'd be really interested in reading more about a food alternative.
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