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Thread: dog food

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    dog food

    My dog doesn't eat much. I tried to feed him with different brands to come to know about his taste.
    I feed him with Winner Plus Dog Food and he eats that food happily.
    Is that food good for his health?
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    Re: dog food

    I just had a quick look at it and it seems better than some other commercial dog foods, which often have a lot of added bulk.

    Please note that I have removed the commercial html link in your post above.

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    Re: dog food

    Yeah, that is really good food for the pet, as per my point of view you can purchase some vitamins from "Posh Puppy Boutique" recently I have also purchased some pet food through this store and that is good and available in good price, and now my pet is happy and growing.
    Thank you
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    Re: dog food

    As you have not created a direct link, I have allowed your post above to stay as it is. As a fairly regular member, I have given you a little leeway regarding mentioning this commercial pet store.

    However, you have mentioned this store in quite a few of your posts, so please do not keep doing this. This is just a polite reminder that this is a forum and not free advertising, haha! Your kind cooperation will be appreciated.

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    Re: dog food

    My neighbour dog just eats anything (wet or dry) or anything that people throw at him even fruits or any leftover from his owner. I think it really depends on the breed and if you really a good owner, some dog food only suitable for puppies or senior or youngster. Different age requires different food. So, in the end, your dog will be healthy.

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    Re: dog food

    1. Green Tripe - Tripe is loaded with naturally occurring digestive enzymes and probiotics.
    2. Milk Thistle - Although milk thistle is technically a herb not a food, it’s an important part of any dog’s diet.Follow label instructions or give a teaspoon of fresh ground milk thistle seed per 20 pounds.
    3. Raw Eggs - Next to green tripe, raw eggs are another one of nature’s most wholesome foods for dogs.
    4. Coconut Oil - coconut oil improves any dog’s skin and coat, improves digestion, and reduces allergic reactions. Look for organic sources whenever possible.
    5. Organ Meats -Organ meats are important for both raw feeders and those who feed kibble.



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