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Thread: Joel and Dexter

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    Joel and Dexter

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    Hi my name is Joel and this is my cat Dexter. Dexter is suffering from Hyperthyroidism and we are on the way to getting him the cure, but we’ve hit a few stumbling blocks. See Dexter’s story here. Anything helps even if you can’t donate, please share. Thank you!!

    Direct link to crowdfunding site removed. Any member interested in donating is advised to contact the poster of this thread via private message on this forum and to check the identity and genuineness of the person concerned before making any donation. Genuine people will not mind doing this. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
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    Re: Joel and Dexter

    to the forum! I am so sorry to read about poor Dexter and wish you every success in his treatment.

    Kindly note that you posted two threads on the same topic on this forum and that doing this is contrary to forum rules. I have therefore deleted your other thread.

    Regarding fundraising, please see the following thread:

    Please note that members wishing to donate are free to contact you by private message on this forum.

    Every best wish to you and to poor Dexter!

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    Re: Joel and Dexter

    Hello and welcome to the forum, Dexter looks a lovely kitty. I had a cat not too, any years ago who suffered with hyperthyroidism. My dad found her in a bush starving and on deaths door so he picked her up and brought her home, while getting bitten a couple of times because she was so hungry so he had to get her some chicken while on route home which she wolved down. After feeding her for 2 weeks and noticing nothing was happening with her weight, he took her to the vet to find out what was up and was then prescribed her medication so Lucky as we named her was a happy healthy kitty for another 9 months until her old age finally caught up with her, she was ancient kitty when my dad found her but we kept her going for as long as we could and she was one of the most loving cats we've had
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