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    Would you get another pug?

    My pug recently passed away, but there's been a lot of controversy surrounding this breed due to health concerns. What do people think? Would you support this breed or not?

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    Re: Would you get another pug?

    I have never had a pug as a pet, so I cannot advise you much on this issue. Perhaps other members may know more about the breed. However, a quick search of the net produced this web page:

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    Re: Would you get another pug?

    Truthfully I've lived my life not really going what is the health concerns of this pet, when you stop and think of it any and all breeds have health concerns just like humans do. Any large dog can have hip problems and any small dog can have heart problems etc etc... I believe it's better to consider if the temperament of the breed and it's lifestyle fit yours. Since you've had a pug before if you enjoyed the breed then I recommend getting another



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