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    Cat Flicks on YT

    Is it healthy to make your cat watch videos? A member of my family uses a laser pen and has recently started to allow them to watch videos of prey, I think they look like they get quite stressed though tbh.

    They are using videos like these:

    What's your opinion?
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    Re: Cat Flicks on YT

    Not too sure what happened to this thread? Does anyone know? Looks like an error of some sort? Anyomne know how to contact admin?

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    Re: Cat Flicks on YT

    Please understand that the forum software was set up by the original admins to protect against unwanted links (spam). For that reason, any posts by newly-joined members which contain a link or links do not appear immediately but are sent by the forum software for moderation (approval).

    As you put in a link in your first post on this thread, it did not appear and was sent for moderation. However, you then attempted to put in a duplicate, second post, with the same link. I had to delete your second, duplicate post and I have now approved your original post above.

    In future, if you put in links (links to YouTube are often referred for moderation because of previous abuse), please be patient if they do not appear immediately. Posts without links will always appear immediately, without moderation.

    Once you have made a significant number of posts, you can then become an established member and moderation will no longer be applied.

    Regarding the content of your original post, I do not understand the connection between a laser pen and the video you go on to mention. Laser pens are quite dangerous and can cause blindness in severe cases. Is your family member using one to make the cat run after the light? If so, extreme caution is necessary, to avoid the light shining into the eyes of the cat, or indeed another human entering the room at any time.

    The video you mention seems harmless enough, but it could be frustrating or disorientating for a cat to watch. It would be better to play with a cat oneself, using a toy mouse or something else, rather than resorting to a video.

    P.S. You can contact me at any time via private message on this forum.
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