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Thread: Dog passed away

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    Dog passed away

    Has anyone got any advice on dealing with the death of a dog? I had to put my dog to sleep yesterday and it was devastating.

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    Re: Dog passed away

    I do understand how you feel and send you my heartfelt condolences. I have sent you a PM. I have a website which offers support for the grieving caretakers of beloved pets.

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    Re: Dog passed away

    I'm so sorry to hear! It is really hard to part with our beloved furry friends for sure. I remember a few years ago when my childhood dog passed away, we grew up together and I could never imagine life without her but alas dogs age faster than we do and it was inevitable. She died in my arms comfortable at home but it was still devastating to deal with and then days to follow were so hard to cope. I think what really helped me was having another dog around that I could love and play with but nothing ever replaces that one friend. All I can say is that you will never forget him/her but the pain will get less as time passes, try remembering the good things and not the death

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    Re: Dog passed away

    It always sucks losing a pet.

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    Re: Dog passed away

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I've recently ordered a nice urn for her, it helps knowing she will be close in some form at least.



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