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    Poppy new border collie mom (advice help)

    Hello, I am a new border collie mom and new to this site. And was just informed to post here and Iíll get more help. I appreciated it and hope to hear back from you again:) being greeted with such kindness was a relief. To the reply I got from the kind member, the day care is smallish with a few play sets and pools during the hotter seasons. I took poppy to a doggy park the day after I got her, and I hopefully will continue once we learn some more tricks and obidence. And her giardia clears up. But for now sheís stuck at home and relys on my walks I give her before school after school and before work, and I have my cousin walk her while Iím at work and after work. But I know that she requires a lot of exercise and play time, which Iím still learning to teach her even if itís in a closed field which is hard to find with out so many distractions. My previous post below was a blog which I didnít know how to work this forum until some kind advice where to post. Oh yea and poppy is spayed.
    I have tried everything in my power to get help, advice, training and mostly advice. I recently lost my amazing little chihuahua mix to prostate cancer and it was very sudden, so sudden my reaction was to get a new baby to coddle.
    Let me just say; I know it was a huge transition from one small dog to a high energetic border collie, her name is poppy and she is a year and 2 months 26 days. Iíve had her in my life for only just a few days not even a whole week. And yet she had me on my hind and I barely get enough sleep and canít sleep in long enough to recover from it.
    I take her on 5 walks a day ranging from 30 minuets close to an hour and spent a fourtune joining a training group with online books.
    The reason for making this so long is because I have fallen in love with a hurricane I can not control with out feeling powerless, sheís a great listener and very good at wanting to learn. The advice Iím looking for is, I may not have what it takes to keep her happy as a border collie puppy, but I have the heart for it, Iíve been crying on the daily for the past 3 days and Iím up all night afraid of what will happen while Iím at work (I work at a doggy day care) I am going to be taking her to work with me, but is that enough for her? She doesnít have much of a yard to play in, and my little dogs donít like to play. Iím afraid of her jumping the fence and then I really do have to get rid of her. If she jumps the fence sheís not happy or just trying to catch a squirrel.
    Everything Iím worried about is for HER happiness HER well being and just HER not me. Iím okay with being tired but is it all really worth it for HER? I know there will be someone out there that can give me advice, and relate to the internet, and research Iíve tried to do.
    I am more than willing to be the mom to my border collie, I just want to get this stress off my shoulders so I can really be more than confident that I am doing the right things. Please. I love my Poppy, and I think she loves me too, but is she really happy?

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    Re: Poppy new border collie mom (advice help)

    First off congrats on the new baby and I'm sorry to hear about your loss! I'm sure you're going to be getting many more replies to your post but personally I think your worrying too much :) Yes Border Collie's are high energy dogs but that doesn't necessarily mean they need to be on the move constantly. One 30 minute walk a way (you can even break it up to two 15 minute walks) is plenty for her. She mainly just wants to spend time with you so if you take out time to play with a toy inside the house or even get her a harness/tie out for the backyard if your scared she will run away and play fetch for a little while she will be the happiest dog ever. Taking her to doggy day care with you once she settles in will solve a lot of the worries since she will then be around people more and with you and other dogs, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Your taking great care of your new friend! :)

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    Re: Poppy new border collie mom (advice help)

    Awe thank you so much. I may be worrying a lot but it’s just so I know what I am doing, and I’m doing it right to keep her happy, she is a great dog with an amazing personality but she’s still a puppy. I’m excited that I’ll be taking her into work with me, and slightly worried about what may happen, she’s played alright with other dogs at her first dog park. But her recall needs a lot of work, it’s hard to get her attention. I’m glad to know I’m taking good care of her and I know now I should focus on the both of us. <3 thank you



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