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    Need help with picking an animal

    I am a student at a trade school and my class is an animal science class. We currently have two dogs, three rabbits, and a cat that stay in the class that we use for various thing. We have the chance to get a new animal, but we have to adhere to certain rules. 1. They have to be able to stay for the weekend without any care. 2. They can't have any strong odors (So no ferrets sadly.) 3. Nothing that would be dangerous for us to have. We have a kennel room and have plenty of space to put more cages. If anything comes to mind please let me know!

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    Re: Need help with picking an animal

    Welcome to the forum. I don't agree with animals being locked up over the weekend without any care at all - especially dogs and cats, who need plenty of exercise. Your trade school should amend its rules so that animal welfare is priority. As for a suggestion for an animal which could be left unattended, I would think a snake would be the best idea. But even that is a little risky, say if the heating fails during the weekend....

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    Re: Need help with picking an animal

    The reason we have to leave it for the weekend is because our teacher isn't allowed to go in during the weekend to provide upkeep. I forgot to mention that the dogs actually go home with her for the weekend since they are her dogs. The cat and the rabbits stay for the weekend though. Once we get a holiday break they will be taken home as well. Since the cat has to stay for the weekend, is there anything we can do it make sure it gets enough exercise?

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    Re: Need help with picking an animal

    I'm glad that the dogs go home at the weekend. Could some arrangement not be made for the cat to be taken home by someone? If it is possible for holidays, could it not be arranged for the weekends, too? Every best wish for your studies!

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    Re: Need help with picking an animal

    I agreed that cat needs to be taken home. No need worry because of cat normally can adapt very well to new environments and no need to take care so much because it is only 2 days. Give him food and let him sleep all day lol. Could another animal be turtles?

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    Re: Need help with picking an animal

    Hey there,

    I grew up among the animals. We had cats, dogs, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, horses, chickens, birds, ducks, walking branches and fish. We even had a lamb in our home for a while. And no, we did not live on a farm. We did not have all these animals at home at the same time, luckily! No matter how much I love animals, when I went to live on my own, I did not want anything anymore! No more noise, smell, rubbish and cleaning. But soon I found it boring all by myself and I took a cat. And shortly after this, I took a rabbit. They became best friends and I think this is so cute!

    As advice i can give you the following tips. Do you buy a young bunny in the pet store or pick up a 2-year old rabbit via Ebay? Do you wan't to buy a puppy dog ​​for $ 1,500, or do you want to take a somewhat older dog from an old female that goes to a nursing home? This is a choice that you make yourself and has to do with your preference. An advantage for choosing a somewhat older animal may be that it is already clean, neatly listening, chipped or castrated. But I can also imagine that you want to get to know your pet as early as possible and want to teach him or her everything yourself. But keep in mind that you are still quite busy with it!

    I'm curious what animal you decide to pick :)

    Would love to see a video of the animal,
    HQ Husky

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    Re: Need help with picking an animal

    Cats can easily adopt a new environment unlike to other animals that we have at home.



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