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    Smile Feline Social Behaviour Survey

    Hey everyone,

    I am currently studying Applied Zoology at university (in my 3rd year) and I am now able to begin my dissertation! I will be studying how social behaviours and interactions differ between domestic cats and their human companions in a multi-cat and singular cat household.

    This is my first time sharing this survey so if you have any feedback, issues or questions feel free to contact me about it. The survey has been tested in Google Chrome where it functions well, please let me know if you're having any issues with other browsers and I'll try and solve them. However, the survey is not compatible with all mobile devices. All open questions are optional.

    If you do own cats, please may you fill in my survey?

    If you own multiple cats, please fill the survey in multiple times with each individual's details.

    Thank-you, I look forward to hearing about your wonderful felines!

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    Re: Feline Social Behaviour Survey

    Quote Originally Posted by floralfelidaes View Post
    This is my first time sharing this survey so if you have any feedback, issues or questions feel free to contact me about it.
    I will be happy to complete your survey and wish you well in your studies. I hope that you will come back to this thread to tell us the outcome.

    However, please explain one thing:
    You state that this is your "first time", but according to this thread you started a similar thread in 2016. See:

    Perhaps you are developing on previous work, but please confirm whether this is the case, and how the current survey differs from the previous one.

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    Re: Feline Social Behaviour Survey

    Hi, thank-you for the well wishes.

    Yes you are correct, the current survey is similar to the previous one. However, it has been developed for my dissertation instead of an assignment. It includes additional questions and includes more behaviours too. So it is the first time I have shared this specific survey. My dissertation will be due in around March time so I'll try my best to come back then and let you know my findings.

    Thank-you. :-)

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    Re: Feline Social Behaviour Survey

    I was waiting for your reply before doing the survey. I went to complete your survey just now, but it shows "invalid link".



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