Hi everyone,

I'm super new here, but I am sort of desperate looking for a place to donate my medication.

I lost Scooby Sunday to a heart tumor (completely unexpected), and it broke my heart... but I have so many expensive medication that he was prescribed and that I never got a chance to give... The ASPCA isn't taking medication, and neither are my vet or the rescue organization I contacted. I'm willing to ship them (in the US), only cost of shipping. It would break my heart all over again having to throw them away.

Please note: only contact me if you have a prescription for these for your dog (or if you know an association that might want them). They are prescription pills, and they can certainly do more harm than good. In fact, send me a picture of the prescription if you have it...

I have:
- Prednisone 20 mg (22 or so tablets, expires 3/1/2019)
- Tylosin 150 mg (only 5 left)
- Proviable forte (this is actually just a probiotic, 5 capsules left)
- Carprofen 100 mg (40ish left)
- Gabapertin 400 mg (20ish left)