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    Website for adopting animals

    Dear animal lovers,

    I have started a fundraising on

    Currently I am looking for people who are willing to support me. I am trying to raise enough money to develop a website where people who want to adopt someone's pet can sign up. People who are no longer capable or willing to take care of their pet can put up an advertisement in which they describe their pet.

    Through a matching system, animals up for adoption and potential adopters are brought together. This way we can minimize the chance of animals ending up in animal shelters.

    Please read the entire story on my page:

    (If I am in the wrong place here please feel free to delete this message. I am just looking for a way to raise money so I can save animals.)

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    Re: Website for adopting animals

    What a very good idea, and I admire your sincere wish to help animals. However, there is a deep responsibility in managing animal adoptions. Not only do the animals and families have to be well-matched -not only for 'cuteness' on a website, but in reality, and living day to day; but the people themselves have to be checked out as much as possible. You wouldn't want to see an animal go to someone who had a conviction for animal abuse! And that is very difficult to tell from a website profile and photo.
    Then there's the question of suitability of the environment and home the adopted animal is going to be living in. And the compatibility with other animals those people may have. If they adopt a lively German Shepherd, are their fences solid and at least six feet high? Who is going to do home checks, and gradually introduce the animal by a couple of visits, to their new family and home?

    All those issues have to be considered....and there are other things to bear in mind.
    Will the website system be free? Or will there be a charge? Does the fee (if there is one) go to an animal charity or to an individual business person?

    Anyway, I am sorry to rant on, if you have already considered those issues.

    As for opening a website, there are many free websites and some of them like Wix and Weebly (there are others) -have decent basic websites for FREE. There are options to upgrade to a more sophisticated website with those providers. Depending which one you choose, it doesn't have to cost very much at all. Then there is GoDaddy, which provides a very comprehensive system for not a lot of money.

    Good luck anyway. Thank you for caring about our animal friends.
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    Re: Website for adopting animals

    That's a very helpful and constructive reply, Tobi!



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