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    Eli and Jess's Forever Home

    Meet Eli and Jess, the 8 year old siblings who came to Popcorn Park late in Dec. We needed to do some renovations to their dens and to their exercise yard. We put together a small area outside their den door so they could go outside while we did the work to their dens and that also allowed us to work on their pond and outside yard safely. It took a little bit of time but they both think it was worth it. When it was done and the door opened to their larger yard, Jess stepped out first very cautiously, Eli was right behind and acted the same but not for long, within a minute or two he was right at home. Jess walked around checking everything out and went back in her den after 20 minutes or so, Eli stayed out for an hour. The next day Jess was a little bit better and even used the pond after she saw Eli in it. Well today they both were relaxed, laying around playing in their pond and even playing tag, they’ve made it their home now and are real comfortable in it.

    Eli and Jess’s background…… (Courtesy of Tigers of America)
    In late September 2016, Tigers in America (TIA) together with Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (TCWR) acquired the property and equipment of a Colorado based animal facility whose owner was in ill health and wanted to get out of the business. The former owner donated the 115 animals, which included more than 75 tigers, to Turpentine Creek.
    To handle the immediate needs of the project, TCWR assembled a team of sanctuary keepers and former TCWR interns to care for the cats in Colorado. While Turpentine Creek relocated a number of big cats to their sanctuary in Arkansas, Tigers in America committed to place and transport the remaining animals needing new forever homes to the best big cat sanctuaries in the U.S.
    This enormous undertaking was only possible because of the generosity and support of the sanctuary community and an unprecedented showing of sanctuaries working together to make sure no big cat or exotic animal would be left behind.

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    Re: Eli and Jess's Forever Home

    Hello and welcome to the forum, those tigers look right at home there :)
    Ferrent (ferret parent/owner) to Nancy, Jimmy, Willow, Watson, Smokii, Slynkee, Sherlock and Scylla the EU polecat hybrid.
    Come and see what they're up to here -
    RIP Florence, Jasper, and Bandit the eu polecat.



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