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    The missing ferrets crisis

    The other day, during the afternoon I got a phone call from the neighbour saying that my ferrets had escaped and their enclosure was broken, I wasn't at home and was returning the next day which was Sunday. Anyway so I wasn't there so I was stressing and could hardly sleep that night, Sunday morning my neighbour called again saying she and the other neighbours had found 5 of them and that one of the white ones was still missing. So I was relieved most of them were found. When I got home I checked to see which ferret was missing, it was Whisper. Then I checked the enclosure and the breakage on it wasn't done by the ferrets themselves, it looked like the mesh had been kicked in. Anyway I got that fixed and put the 5 found furbabies back in the enclosure and could I find Whisper anywhere around the garden or my neighbours' gardens? Nope. As I was leaving the pet shop down the road from where I live, I spot Whisper being given a bath in the dog groomers which is next door to the pet shop, that was not a place I'd expect to find a ferret all.
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    Re: The missing ferrets crisis

    Well, that's some story, FF! Glad it all worked out well in the end.

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    Re: The missing ferrets crisis

    I hope there have been no recurrences of that incident in the past few weeks. It sounds as if someone deliberately damaged the enclosure! That was a very mean thing to do.

    By the way....I have just watched about 20 of your really interesting videos of the ferrets. They go for walks very nicely in their harnesses. I never realised how much ferrets love going for walks. Thanks for uploading.



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