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    Which is better Kennel or Crate?

    I am trying to figure out which one will be the best for a family of Siberian Husky. As what I have mentioned a few days ago, Cookie just gave birth to adorable puppies. She's actually owned by my cousin, the space on their backyard is enough for a big family like them. Cookie sleeps on the floor while the basket with pads is being occupied by her little ones -- that dog is too aggressive to any visitors that will check her babies which is alarming since she only have the collar to stop him from chasing someone. I have suggested that it will be better if all of them stay on the kennel since it safe and the crate won't be spacious enough for them to occupied. Dog kennel is a good investment as this puppies will absolutely grow in the future. And then the debate follows as Coleen told me that the pups can stay on their pads while Cookie must stay on a crate instead. In your point of view which will be the best, is it the kennel or crate?
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    Re: Which is better Kennel or Crate?

    Just my personal opinion: dogs are pets and should not be confined to kennels or crates. They deserve freedom of movement. How would humans feel if they were confined to a crate by another more powerful being?

    I would suggest getting a very large dog bed (or two or three large sun-lounger covers) for the mother and puppies to sleep on. The issue of the temporary protective instinct of the mother has already been discussed in another thread; this instinctive protectiveness will rapidly pass as the puppies grow.

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    Re: Which is better Kennel or Crate?

    I agree with LPC about crates/kennels. Just occasionally there might be a kind of working-dog who absolutely prefers to be outside! Those types of dogs (very often thick-coated sheepdog types) spend most of their day working hard in the fields, and don't mind a kennel, so long as it is waterproof, warm and has fresh hay or bedding.
    I once knew a Border Collie who refused to go in a house! He wanted to be outside every minute. But even such dogs should have good shelter and never be left to the elements! And such dogs are quite rare.

    My opinion is that mother and puppies should not be separated. If the mother is 'crated' (how horrible! Stuck in a cage!) -it is going to make her twice as edgy and upset, which could make her snappy. She will be able to watch nervously as humans, maybe some of them strangers to her, interact with her pups while she is unable to reach them. Imagine the stress that involves for a mother!
    There is no way the social interaction between mother and puppies should be interfered with at this stage, until she starts to 'reject' them a bit. The pups shouldn't be split up either until -at the earliest- 9 weeks or so. And longer if possible.
    Pups are learning valuable social lessons with their mother and littermates.
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    Re: Which is better Kennel or Crate?

    Thank you guys, I will keep this in mind. :)



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