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    Is soft toys advisable for dogs?

    I saw this video that was shared by a friend a mine a few days ago and I'm just wondering if fluffy toys are actually advisable for puppies/dog like this one? I have chewing toys which I bought at pet street mall and I guess this are much more durable than a cute stuff toy. I hope that the baby terrier won't destroy it because that is a cute unicorn.
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    Re: Is soft toys advisable for dogs?

    I would think that such a toy would be OK, but the dog would need to be supervised when playing, to ensure that nothing is eaten or swallowed. That is extremely unlikely to happen, but it is best to be on the safe side.

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    Re: Is soft toys advisable for dogs?

    I agree with what LPC said. It's so easy for a dog to end up eating some part of the toy and even if it's soft and fluffy it could cause a terrible intestinal blockage.
    I had a terrier once who used to rip apart any toy he was given. I daren't leave him alone with any toy, or rawhide chew either. I told people never to buy him those things.
    But the last dog I had never ripped up anything. Instead, she would 'mother' any toys she was given, and put them all in our bed! haha
    (Nothing quite like getting into bed in the pitch dark very late silence....and lying down on top of three squeaky toys!)

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    Re: Is soft toys advisable for dogs?

    I'll keep an eye then, thank you for your insightful feedback :)

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    Re: Is soft toys advisable for dogs?

    yes, I agree with you, because this toys good for the pet
    but Another good alternate is raw-hide bones, which can be given to your pet to play with. Apart from being tasty it keeps the dog completely engaged for a long that recently I was purchased one for my lovely pet through online Posh Puppy Boutique, Really it was awesome and my pet happy now with her toys.



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